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Student Representative

Call for Student Representative Nominations

The IBASM Executive Committee is soliciting nominations for a student representative to serve one year (renewable for a second year) on the Executive Committee. Duties include working with the other student representative to serve as a liaison between student members and Executive Committee, submitting a statement to the newsletter twice a year, attending and assisting with the annual IBASM meeting each spring, and bringing ideas for student engagement to the branch. Graduate and undergraduate IBASM student members are eligible. The nominee should be an active student and IBASM branch member through May 2023. Self-nominations or nominations from students, faculty, or staff will be accepted. Please send a 1-2 paragraph statement of interest/nomination, including the nominee’s email address, academic year for 2022/2023, and institution, to Tanya Soule at


  • IBASM was organized in 1935

  • Indiana may be the only place where a microbiology Ph.D. student (J.D. Watson) and their mentor (S.E. Luria) were both awarded separate Nobel Prizes for different activities

  • Indiana has a strong history in industrial microbiology, including Eli Lilly & Company, which was the leading producer of the killed Salk polio virus vaccine

Notable Indiana Microbiologists:

    • Salvador E. Luria (Nobel Prize Awardee)

    • James D. Watson (Nobel Prize Awardee)

    • Thomas D. Brock (Nobel Prize Awardee with Kary Mullis, extremophile microbiology)

    • Norm R. Pace (noted environmental microbiologist, pushed use of 16S rRNA as taxonomic marker gene)

    • Louis Y. Mazzini (noted for developing diagnostic methods for syphilis)


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